Amongst rabbit owners there are recurring questions about problematic behaviours that can be easily avoided with a good prevention, and which are easy to address once they’ve appeared.

As one of the services I am offering to my clients (exotic pet veterinarians) I’ve decided to organise a talk adressed to their clients (rabbit owners) to clarify why these behaviours appear and how can they be managed so they are not perceived as a problem anymore.

The talk will take place in a small conference room in Hospital Veterinari Glòries (Diagonal, 237). Its duration will be one hour approximately. You can download your invitations here: INVITACIÓ conills.
If you’d like to get more information you can email me at hola@neusmorera.com or call +34 617 268 823.
FOOTNOTE: If you own a rabbit and you are interested in assisting, please talk to your vet, since bookings can only be done through a veterinary clinic.
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