Goodbye Exòtics

Year 2002 brought a good bunch of changes for me. Amongst others, on top of saying goodbye to the peseta and hello to euro, I said bye to Valencia and hello (again) to Barcelona.
Almost 16 years later the winds of change are blowing (and I’m not talking about the political situation in Catalonia), and my stage at the Exòtics veterinary clinic comes to an end.
It has been years of an intense personal and professional development/growth, full of trips, papers, interesting cases, even more interesting people, adorable (and not so much) patients, and wonderful workmates. Now it’s time to open up new doors that will lead to more growth/development, new cases, trips, papers, patients and workmates.
Thank you so much to all of those who I met along the way, for you have helped me get where I now stand, and therefore start this exciting new period. See you on the way!
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