Travelling opens your mind when you travel with the right spirits. A change of air and visiting a colleague has always seemed to me one of the most enriching professional experiences, just like hosting visiting veterinarians, both under and postgraduate. I find very interesting to see how others do things, which techniques they use and why, and often after visiting a colleague I bring back heaps of ideas and changes that substantially improve my work.
In January 2007 I took an unpaid leave to travel to Australia and do a couple of externships (and a bit of tourism) for two months and a half. Seeing all the species that I had visited as patients in their natural habitat (cockatoos, rosellas, pythons, clownfish…) was a wonderful experience. On top of that I changed my professional register, since during one month I did an externship in a practice where most of all they received birds and reptiles, and for another month I stayed in a sanctuary where only australian wildlife was kept. I came back home loaded with wonderful professional and personal experiences, I met interesting people of all kind, and I got the chance to work with animals such as the echidna, the platypuss or the Tasmanian devil, which I had only seen in books or documentaries.
Ten years later one of the vets I had the chance to learn from, Bob Doneley, is coming to Spain to share his knowledge at the GMCAE annual scientific meeting. Unfortunately there are no places left for the wet lab, but I surely encourage all my colleagues to go to León to listen a speaker you don’t see much on this side of the world… although making a trip down under to see him is not a bad idea at all, I certainly recommend that.
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